Russia, 2020, 16+
about the film
  • Director
    Maria Ignatenko
  • Production
    Vega Film
    with support of the Ministry of Culture of the RF and the Foundation for the Development of Modern Cinematography KINOPRIME
  • Producers
    Katerina Mikhailova
    Konstantin Fam
  • Cast
    Vadik Korolev
    Liudmila Dupliakina
    Dmitri Kubasov
    Vasilisa Zemskova
    Galina Lebedinets
Victor was having a wash in his cabin when the boatswain called him to the phone. Although Victor had already heard: “Nika died”, he shouts all the same: “I can’t hear!” Victor goes onto the mainland. After two days without sleep he reaches the hospital. When the doctor has finished speaking, Victor indifferently turns away to the window. All the details of this view from the window suddenly feel closer to him. Victor goes outside. The street is fast asleep. The entire town is asleep, as if extinct. But everything is breathing, snoring, muttering in a dream. This sleeping town is like a nightmare. In this nightmare those helplessly asleep are intertwined with the memories of his love. Victor wanders around the town in search of a person who is also, like him, on this side of reality. And he finds him.