In 2020, Kinotavr for the first time held a pitching of projects for series. Then, speaking about series, we nevertheless talked more about foreign series, and for many screenwriters the word “success” meant western platform. Since then, it seems, the situation has changed. Over the last year, the serial industry has made a qualitative leap: if before, successful projects that found recognition of critics and audiences, were unique, then in 2020/2021 more than ten stories made an impact both in our country and beyond. These were quite different series in different genres, telling stories both topical and acute, large-scale and entertaining. 

Last year, more than 700 applications were submitted for participation in the pitching; ten reached the finale. Two projects from those presented at Kinotavr’s pitching are already in production, and the authors of three other projects are developing them together with studios or platforms. 

This is a significant result: we had hoped that the Kinotavr pitching would discover new talented authors for our industry, and this has happened. In 2021, again over 700 applications were received. Among the projects that have reached the finale for the jury’s verdict are talented projects in diverse genres from the future creators of audience hits. 

As last time, all the authors are invited to participate in the pitching of series; we are not setting any restrictions, except professional understanding. Again, the presented projects will be judged by representatives of the platforms that could become potential customers. The following have been invited to the pitching: Yandex.Studio, PREMIER,, ivi, Okko, START and KION.


AD AGENCY «MOTOR» by Savva Minaev, Evgeniy Kerov
PLAGUE by Igor Kagramanov, Kirill Zagovora
LIARS by Timur Levchenko & Zina Itkina
LIDA GOES DUMB by Mikhail Tyazhev feat. Elena Fonfrovich and Dmitri Ryabikov
THE LIST by Trofim Pustilnik, Daler Rakhimov, Artem Tsaregorodtsev, Nikita Tamarov
COVERED by Sabit Aliev
HELLO, IT’S UTERUS SPEAKING by Svetlana Akunevich
SEXPROSVET by Sergei Lagodin
STATION by Viktoria Zueva


IlYA BURETS, Creative Director IVI Originals
MAKAR KOZHUKHOV, Deputy Director General of PREMIER video platform
ZHORA KRYZHOVNIKOV, Creative Producer NMG Studio
IGOR MISHIN, Director General of MTS Media / KION online cinema
ALEKSANDRA REMIZOVA, Showrunner Yandex. Studio
IRINA SOSNOVAYA, Producer and showrunner, START video service
DZHANIK FAIZIEV, General Producer of Okko Multimedia Service